Welcome to Horton Insurance Services, LLC

           Are you Covered? Do you have the amount of Insurance?

  •        Is your home truly protected against catastrophic property AND liability losses?

  •     Do you have enough coverage through your auto insurance to pay for major injury losses to both yourself and others?

  •     Can your business insurance keep you solvent until you reopen after a large loss?

           You owe it to yourself to have a PROFESSIONAL insurance agent.

  •     Small enough to know you and give you insurance advice custom tailored to your unique situation.  With us, you            
           wonít have impersonal call centers and insurance personnel who change with every phone call.

  •     Large enough to have access to over a dozen ĎAí rated insurance companies who provide superior, custom coverage 
           at  a price that beats Geico, Allstate, and the other companies who spend countless millions in advertising.

  •     Smart enough to have access to specialty insurance markets if you have loss exposures that large mainstream 
           companies donít understand or donít handle.

Our agency is a full service agency with years of experience and we look forward to helping your personal and business insurance needs

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